Eight things make your home feel warm and cozy

Coffee Maker

Before my roommate bought the coffee maker, coffee was not the first choose for me. While every morning, she always makes a cup of coffee, the aroma of coffee fills with my room. From then on, coffee becomes one part of my lives too, coffee stats my every day of my life. My essay night, coffee accompanied me through the night.

Home Fragrance

If you like bedroom with fragrance as like me, that aromatherapy diffuser, fragrance diffuser and candles can satisfy you. Fragrance cam make me relax and also can relive the nervous feelings, helping assist with sleep. When I finish a busy day, go back home, smelling fragrance I like, it can relieve my day's fatigue. In cold day, candle is the best for me, when I see the flame, it gives me a warm feeling. At sleep time, I will choose aromatherapy diffuser, because it can be timed off.


Music is life

Doing work, cooking, cleaning house, shower, music is the indispensable. Music can raise my mood, getting me excited, calm or relaxed. Therefore, speaker is the best!


Houseplants can brighten up a room and boost the mood and even clean the air. Every new year, decorating house with fresh plants is like a traditional event in my family. Before new year, my dad and I will go to shops to buy some flowers and houseplants and then my mom and I plan to decorate house to welcome the new year.


Home projector is one of the most value things I bought in this year. at free time, especially at weekend, I may spend the whole day at home, watching films and variety shows. The home projector makes my room a small family cinema which increases the feeling of viewing experience. even when I prepare my assessment, I can project the materials in projector to view. I really enjoy the rainy night, watching films by projector on my bed.


for a better sleep quality, sleep mask can help you a lot. Sleep masks serve to block both direct and ambient light which allows your eyes to relax naturally. If even my room curtain can not block sunlight or some building’s light, with sleep mask, I can create an ideal condition for sleeping. However, sometimes, with really high-quality sleeping, I may miss the alarm ☹.

Cushions & Soft Toys

Putting cushions on bed or sofa, can make sofa not so empty and make house colourful. While for me, comparing with cushions, soft toys are favourite. I may put 2 or 3 my prefer cartoon characters’ soft toys on my bed, being my cushions, before I sleep, I lean on the cushions, reading, watching or playing games with comfortable position.


Although, generally, cats are defined as small “things”,owning a cat is incredibly rewarding. In my point of view, cats are the cutest pests. The extremely soft body, cute little fluffy tail, cotton ball paws are all touch my heart. Interesting thing is, I have moved three times, but every roommate has a cat, and my close friends hear also keep a cat. Cats make home funny because they are Curious and distracted all the time. When you are asleep, cat may get into your bed and sleep with you, and they express affection by express affection by purring when he's curled up in your lap or rubbing against your leg.